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A Sorta Big Pre-Semester Blog Post

It's been almost a month since the last time I've written to you all. You see, Infiniti has been in a bit of a creative slump, it happens, what can I say? I’m alright though and I will continue to write these updates out, more so in the coming months. So, if you’ve been paying attention to my video updates over the last few months, you’ll know that I graduated with my associate degree back in June. You would also know that I heartbreakingly got rejected from my dream school and I’d stated that I’d just take some classes pertaining to other interests until I got in somewhere.

Well over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been a little anxious and stressed over the financial aspect of taking classes because I am not ineligible for financial aid until I move on to a four-year institution. I’m still up to my neck from last semester’s Lyft bills because I was at school for 15 hours a day. Yes, I’m working on getting my license and then a car, hopefully by next year after I pay off almost $3k. This is part of the reason why I needed to get out of the house and why I went to the cat café!

    Anyhow, on Friday August 9, I received a $500 scholarship from my school’s foundation! I am elated that I can take another class and I have been rejoicing in the Lord all week because this was something that I was praying over in tears. God is certainly faithful! Worst comes to worst, I’ll just take the one class (art class) that doesn’t require a book. I’m just waiting to see what the rest of this week yields because class starts Monday. I registered for four classes with the intent of working toward a certificate of specialization in business administration. We’ll see though, like I said, I need the scholarships!

Okay. I know at this point, you all are like,” Infiniti, why didn’t you make a video about this whole thing?!” Well, my Crafties, I am a peer leader for my campus and the last two weeks have been filled with nothing but public speech, my voice needs a break! I also just want to bring more traffic to my blog here. I don’t think many people really pay attention to my blog. Additionally, I’ve always felt that I was more articulate and eloquent through writing, don’t you think?

I’m thoroughly grateful though to be able to take a class this semester, that also means that I can keep my campus job a little longer. What does this mean for the channel? I’ll still be uploading regularly! I’m strategically making my schedule so that I can run things the same way that I have over the summer. Speaking of the channel, I must say, we’re doing well guys! At the time that I’m typing this post, I’ve reached 330 subscribers! That’s so crazy and I cannot thank you all enough for this support!

I have so many goals and ideas for my startup and I feel that by doing YouTube, I am at least able to work on one aspect of my business until I can get it established. So, while I’m working my channel like a part-time job, I really would like to be able to monetize at some point. This wasn’t my ambition initially but, now I’m like, “Why not?” In order to qualify, one must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time! That is a daunting feat in my eyes because my channel is SO niche being oriented around crafting and the fine arts. In reality, it’s not hard to reach these numbers by faking but, I want to make content that people are enjoying and actually engaging with. So here I am, very content with the 330 people who were interested in my content and the 245 watch hours that I have right now. Thank you! My over all goal for this year is to hit 500 subs by my channel’s birthday on October 1, I think I’ll make it too!

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I have been in a slump. It is lifting and in the wake of it all, there are some large projects that I’d planned on uploading to the channel for both art and knitting. For one reason or another, these projects are incomplete right now and while I do have set dates for them, I might end up doing some digital speed paints to replace them until they are finished! I’m really looking forward to this semester’s Portfolio Day albeit, a bit anxious as well. If nothing else, I look forward to wearing the knitted outfit featured in my KAL AND getting some good shots of my work to put on my website. I’ve been working on my website for almost a year now and I can’t wait until I can launch it! In the meanwhile, I am working on some awesome new designs for my TeeSpring store. If you didn’t know (most probably don’t) I have a merch shop. Admittedly, it’s a bit neglected compared to my other social media, even my Etsy store has more traction than my merch shop. It’s named for Infiniti Crafting Company and I sell shirts, home accessories, mugs, stickers, and art prints. I’m actually going to take this day off to knit and work in Illustrator. I have some super solid ideas that I want to roll out for the fall so stay tuned! In addition to designing merch, I’ve also been designing some crochet and knitting patterns. Once I finish typing them up and I copyright them, I’ll release them to the public. Some of these patterns will be free and I think that I will start posting my free patterns on my blog post. Of course, you’ll also have the option of buying them from my Etsy store, that’d be greatly appreciated but, I also realize that a lot of makers feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for patterns. I kinda get it but, we designers have to make a living too so there ya have it! I may eventually start doing pattern giveaways on my channel … maybe for my 500th subscriber?

I’m sure after I submit this post, I’ll think of more I want to say but for now, I’m good and I’ll use these fingers for drawing out these awesome ideas! Until next time, happy making everyone! - Infiniti

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