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Adding to the Tech Collection

Hello Crafties! Happy Sunday and welcome to another of my tech blogs. I already know what you're going to say here," Infiniti, you're a crochet blog!!!?" And you would be correct, however... as I continue to grow my brand, I find it fun to post these types of blogs for those wondering what I use to make Infiniti Crafting Co. work in the interweb world.

Like many content creators, I went into content overdrive in 2020 and because of that, my external harddrive is bursting at the seams with data and the like. I'd purchased the 4TB Seagate portable external harddrive in 2019 when I upgraded my desktop in order to hold all my graphic design, videos, and extras. Fastforward through the pandemic, I'm now at under a terabyte of space which is no bueno. Especially being in hiatus where I'm supposed to be recording content.

Now that I'm able to work in my studio again, I feel the drive to record but, I wasn't sure how much more this glorified flashdrive could take.

Likewise, my phone decided that it no longer wanted to have space. No matter how many apps I delete or photos I store on the SD card, I am always at full capacity these days. It's so frustrating! As with all my other purchases this year, I've been BLESSED to be able to afford the things I need (albeit via credit but I've financed virtually all my equipment at this point so no big deal 😂😅.)

My phone is just as important to me as my other equipment because I use it for my live videos on IG and for making posts on various social media.

Today, I ordered a Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive (8TB HDD External) so that I can continue creating tutorials, Hey Craftepreneur!, ArtsyChiitos, and all other content that you all love. When it comes to backing up my data, I've trusted Seagate for a long time. I've never had a problem with data loss, transfer or the like so if you're shopping around for extra storage, I'd definitely recommend them.

As for my new phone, I went with an LG Velvet 5G. I love LG phones, my very first cell phone was a pink LG flip phone (showing my age). Sadly, I learned today that they are discontinuing the manufacturing of their mobile phones which breaks my heart because among the different brands I've had, LG has just stood the test of time among android devices.

It's my hope that everything pans out with this new phone and that the video/photo capabilities are top-notch! While I'm still getting a feel for doing live videos, its something that's growing on my and I want to look my best while on camera.

What are some of your favorite technologies to use for your crafting? Let me know down below!

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