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This blog participates in the affiliate programs of Amazon, JoAnn, Lion Brand,& Darn Good Yarn. That means I receive a commission on any purchases made through these links with no additional cost to you.
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Affiliate Link Update - Darn Good Yarn

Good day Crafties!

The other day, I got news that DGY was shutting down their affiliate program and taking it in-house. This came just a day after I posted my review too 😭! Some of you may know that I've been an affiliate of theirs since 2018 and so there's a special bond there (at least on my end lol.)

So what does this mean for Infiniti Crafting Co.?

Well I reached out to the necessary parties in order to be considered for their new program. In the meanwhile, I'll be working to change all the DGY banners on the site into Google ads to help replace income. I won't be taking down any of my posts, patterns, or product reviews as that is still content that my community thrives from. Currently, I'm working on a pattern that involve DGY fibers and while I'm still in the designing stage, I plan to delay its release until the whole affiliate thing can get sorted out.

Some of you may be asking, " What's affiliate linking?" Well, creators tend to partner up with businesses to earn commissions in exchange for driving traffic to their product. These commissions come at no additional cost to the buyer but instead are deducted from your purchase after payment and disbursed to the respective affiliate. In the case of DGY, affiliates made a 12% commission on all sales made through their links. Among most program rates I've seen, this is reeeeaaally sweet!

If for whatever reason I'm not able to rejoin them, it's not the end of the world. I've made changes to affiliate programs in the past also, its not really uncommon.

How can you help? Well the best free way to help me and the blog is to just share my pages and products on social media. The more eyes I have on my content, the more potential Crafties and potential purchasers will have awareness of my brand. Every share and bookmark counts!

I'll always continue to push my own patterns and handmade items to the world as well but again, sharing is caring. Until then, I'll be slowing down some on the giveaways as the school year is coming for me and my finances 😅.

I am still affilated with Lion Brand Yarns, JoAnn Fabric, and Amazon, so purchases made through those links are still valid for me.

You can also support the content by subscribing to Hey Craftepreneur!, or donating coffee. Really any of these options are loved, welcomed, and appreciated!

Thanks for reading today and as always,

Happy Making!

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