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An Update from the Dentist: Gotta Keep It Pushing

Good day, Crafties! As promised, I have returned with the next chapter in this dental mishap saga. This post won't be too long, as I just wanted to update y'all on what happened at today's appointment.

The good news? My co-pay was waived and I was made aware that my smile can be restored. Now this comes with some caveats.

The doctor said that there's about a 5 - 10%

likelihood that my front tooth can be restored. When examining it, the two working with me came to believe that there's another crack behind that tooth and underneath the gum. My hope lies in the fact that they want me to come in for a comprehensive exam in order to get a total picture of what's going on there.

He then explained that it would have to be removed and that I had options regarding the restoration of my smile. Frankly, I just don't want to go around missing an entire front tooth for Lord knows how long, until I could get an implant in. 😅

Personally, I'm praying that it'll fall into the 5-10% estimation and that I won't have to visit the alternative. Y'all's prayers are welcome also, your girl is looking for a miracle!

This all got me thinking though... I should probably make a couple of vlog posts for my channel before all this goes down 😅. I'm highly embarrassed by the missing chunk of tooth that I have currently but... by comparison... lol. Sometimes you have to laugh in order not to cry but, in the least I am grateful that I have an option here. Over all, I feel great! My blood pressure wasn't sky high and I wasn't on the verge of tears when I left their facility.

In the end, I chose to celebrate today instead of being in poor spirits over things I can't control.

Thanks for being a part of my community and reading this post!

If you're wondering how I ended up celebrating today, check out this blog post.

Until next time,

Happy Making!

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