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ArtsyChiitos: The New Channel for My Artwork

I've been mulling over for a long while how I wanted to start doing Artsy Saturdays again....

Well this is it! Soon I'll be uploading new art video content to this channel on Saturdays. What is Artsy Saturday, you ask?

Way back when I started the Infiniti Crafting Co. YouTube channel, I'd do art related videos on Saturdays. After I solidified my upload schedule, Saturdays were the best time of the week for me to work on these types of videos. I got burned out eventually though and so I stopped doing them by my birthday in 2019. But I'm making a comeback!

Art is such a part of me but I've been in something of a slump with it for a while. This is common for artists but these slumps activate a nagging in my brain because I feel as though I SHOULD be creating art work. And I should. Not just for the sake of creating it either, I have to build up my portfolio for scholarships 🤣😭.

I also wanted to be a positive, Christian voice in the art community and encourage others to follow their passion for creating. This falls in line with my general artist's statement: Art is the incontestable proof that creationism is true. In a future video, I may expound upon that philosophy as it ties in heavily with the work that I do. It doesn't matter what skill level you are, art is about honing your skills over time and finding your own way to express your ideas.

Another reason I've not been making art is because I've been working so hard on Infiniti Crafting Company. This has been my baby over the last few years, last year especially, and is the number one way I make additional income for myself. It pays for supplies, equipment and in-part, my tuition as I go through Art Education school. Unlike a lot of my peers, I'm the only one funding my education. Apart from scholarships, grants, and loans, I have no assistance in achieving my educational goals. This drives me to work hard and remain innovative as I continue forward.

Thank you to everyone who continually supports me and what I do. None of it would be possible without the love and support of my community 💖. If you'd like to support the content (and me) you can donate a coffee through the button below or share this blog.

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