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Happy Independence Day! [ Photoshoot]

I've been preparing for this day all year (literally). I started this project on January 8th and for various reasons, it's taken me all the way until now to finish everything.

Growing up I was always taught to be grateful because I was born in this country. I was made to understand that many others around the world were not as fortunate as I am. I have lived a crazy life to this point which has only reinforced my belief that I am in the best place in the world.

I didn't get to go to high school, that was not a privilege afforded to me, just like the past 4 or so generations in my immediate family. In 2016, God blessed me with the capacity and a sponsor to take the HiSet exam. I scored the highest in the region became the valedictorian of my class (2016), making me graduate on time. This earned me scholarship money which then led me to pursue higher education. I entered community college that fall for Art Education.

Over the three years it took to earn my degree, I was a volunteer math tutor for adult education. I worked one, then two jobs for 2/3 of my education with little to no help affording books, supplies, or tuition. In 2019, I became the first in my family to obtain a college degree. Might I add, I graduated with honors.

In 2020, I transferred to a private university where I am continuing my degree in Art Education with a minor in Business Administration, Class of 2024. Currently, I work as a home health aide but I've been working on my handmade business since 2016. Essentially, I'm building a living on yarn and fine art. How crazy is that?

You can't do this everywhere in the world so I am truly bless to have been born in the USA.

Below, you can check out my stills from the photoshoot. To be honest, I was a little shy about sharing my pride on various social media but forget that. I'm proud to be American. 😊🎇🇺🇸 🇺🇸

But wait, there's more!

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