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How to Knit the 12 Stitch Cable

What You Need:

Knitting Needles

Cable Needle


Stitch Markers


C/O - Cast on

K - knit

P - purl

sl - slip

sts - stitches


C/O in multiples of 20

Row 1: P4, K12, P4

Row 2: K4, P12, K4

Row 3 - 6: Repeat Rows 1 & 2

Row 7: P4, K12, P4

Row 8: K4, P12, K4

Row 9: P4, sl 3 sts and cross right; sl 3 sts and cross left, P4

Row 10: K4, P12, K4

Row 11: P4, K12, P4

Repeat pattern from Row 8.

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