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Luxury Yarn Craft Gift Guide 2021

I told y'all I would come back with another series of lists so, here's number two! In this gift guide, I want to focus in on more pricey craft gifts for that special knitter or crocheter in your life.

Please note: This blog contains affiliate links which means I may receive compensation when you shop through them, at no additional cost to you!

Addi Circular Knitting Machines

Let's start off with the big one here. You all may know that I am a fan of circular knitting machines and that I own a less expensive version called the Sentro in the 48 and 22 needle sizes. The Addi however is a professional series of circular knitting machines that are the envy of the craft world. It comes in two sizes, King sized and Express. This machine series allows you to make hats, scarves, socks, mittens, and more in under an hour! The Addi circular knitting machine is a dream for a lot of makers whether they knit or crochet because it allows us to make things quickly for charity drives and/or our small businesses.

Yarn Winder

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, yarn winders save lives. Specifically the lives of knitters and crocheters who use yarn hanks. Having a nice, high-quality yarn winder is living the high life and you'll never go back to your tangly ways there after.

Rolling Project Bags

One can never have too many project bags and if you're like me, you probably don't like being loaded down like a pack mule with all your things plus whatever you're stitching. So let me tell you, rolling project bags are essential.

Weaving Loom

I know what you're gonna say. " Infiniti, I have enough hobbies, can you not???" But let's face it, no you don't. Inevitably as a knitter or crocheter, you are bound to end up dabbling in weaving at some point. And if you already weave... you've come full circle. Weaving is a beautiful artisan craft that I've always admired and isn't too difficult to get into. If you're into the craft, you should treat yourself with a loom upgrade!

Luxury Yarn

Whether you stick to knitting and crochet or you get into weaving, you're going to need a nice luxury fiber to spice up those projects from time to time! For that, I recommend checking out Darn Good Yarn! They are an expanding yarn and clothing store dedicated to fun yarn and sustainability. Their efforts have also contributed to the empowerment of women in third world countries!

You may have noticed over the years that an assortment of my pattern designs feature fibers from DGY. That's because they're SO vibrant and fun to work with. Some of these patterns include the Frost Fighter Face Cowl, the lace Fishnet Shawl, the Summer Ecstasy Top, and the Fishnet Headband.

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