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Maker ShoutOut: MlynJedrow

Hello Crafties!

I just want to say that Spring is a wonderful time to work on your aesthetics. This maker shoutout comes from a little crochet biz investment I did over spring break. I was making up sock in the studio and an old (and honestly super cheap) pair of sock blockers broke on me.

Tragic, right?

That's when I took to the world of Etsy where I try get a lot of my knicknacks for the studio because I love supporting fellow small businesses. While browsing the endless listings, one shop caught my eye with their STUNNING products; it was MlynJedrow.

They had so many wonderful design options to choose from and I settled on the bees. On their product page, they give a detailed list of product dimensions which range from US foot sizes of ~5 - ~14.

The anticipation was high as these made their way all the way from Poland. The product was well packaged and damage free from the journey over. In all it took about 20 days to hit my door step after I got the shipping notification. Considering the distance it had to travel, this was a pretty good deal!

If you're in the market for new sock making materials, I recommend you check them out!

Happy Making!

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