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Mini Pottery Update: Independence Day Edition! 🇺🇸

Good Day, Crafties!

Alas we're rolling into the 4th of July holiday and I wanted to show off my American spirit with a few new additions to the shop today!

All three of these pieces are wood-fired! There's a really cool process video out there by Jon the Potter about wood-firings. It's a super involved/labor intensive process but the results are amazing. So if you want another glimpse into my pottery process, check out that video here.

I slipped up and listed Betsy a month ago but that doesn't make her any less stunning 😂.

She and the other yarn bowl in this series were part of this sort of artisan experiment where the designs were concerned. This one includes notches along the rim for different needle or hook sizes, along with the regular holes and swirl style yarn guides.

This one is named Americana. The form is so simple for this one, I was thinking about making quite a few of these next go around. If you want to see holiday themed heart vases, let me know in the comments below!

Last, but not least, here's Old Glory!

I also wanted to bring up, there's a knitting related Independence Day design in the merch shop. It's now too late to receive items by the holiday in either case but you could still have it around for future purposes 😁

Thanks for supporting and reading! Happy Making!

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