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🚨New Crochet & Knitting Merch Drop!🚨

Good day, Crafties! It's been quite some time since I've been able to give the merch shop the attention it deserves. Over the last couple of days, I've put out three new designs on a wide array of items. Some designs have a more seasonal demand so, to ensure you get your order in time, consider faster shipping options at checkout!

Crochet, Crocheter, Crocheting Retro Line

This one series is more beloved to me personally than all the rest. I've always loved a good way to interject my faith into my pattern designs and it was really nice to bring it over to the merch store this month. I'm definitely planning on grabbing myself a tee from this line... now to figure out what color 🤔

Have some patience with your girl, I'll have a version of this design with black lettering too coming soon. I'm the only one working on everything behind my business so it takes me a bit sometimes. That version should be out by the time you finish reading this blog. 😉

I absolutely love Independence Day as it is a reminder that I am able to be who I am and pursue this wonderful creative career because of the sacrifices made by those before me. This year, I have my design game more together and I'm so happy to present y'all with this patriotic merch line! You'll find this design on about 9 items, ranging from stickers to hoodies! By supporting this line, you'll be supporting an American girl in a crazy world that loves to knit and crochet!

Thanks for supporting all that I do here at Infiniti Crafting Company! Even if you don't buy something today, you can still support my content but sharing this post and spreading the word!

Til next time,

Happy Making!

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