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Pssst...Guess Who's Back to Knitting?

That's right. The spirit of God is live, well, and overflowing within me and I have made my return. Earlier today (June 9th) my healing went ahead and manifested itself and I'm abiding in it by getting back to what I've been blessed to do. CRAFTING!

So what am I knitting? I know its been a while since I've posted a w.i.p on the blog but if we go way back... (January 8th)

Remember that red, white, and blue entrelac thing I had going on?

I didn't really know where this project would go but I knew that I needed to finally make another statement piece for myself. I have a great love for my country which seems to be frowned upon these days but I digress; I felt the need to make something patriotic. I have a funny habit of making very bold garments that don't match my generally shy demeanor and this go ' round is no different.

When I first learned entrelac knitting last year, I fell in love and knew that I needed to design something. I was honestly going for something with the cold-shoulder look because... well Missouri summers are not kind. However, in making the collar I realize now that I should have made increases to get that effect so we'll see how it goes on the next one I make.

What...? You didn't think this was the last one did you?! I've already got a plan for another entrelac sweater and I can't wait for another excuse to buy yarn! Next time I'll be using Lion Brand Pound of Love and Ferris Wheel.

The only thing I didn't love with this project was the strings.

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