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Sprucing Up The Site

Hello dear Crafties!

Infiniti here with another update.

I've been thinking here lately that it'd be a good idea to consolidate some of ICC's platforms. As of today, I am working on uploading my written patterns to Infiniti Crafting Co.'s official website. Currently as the lead ... everything, I find it easier to keep up with everything if it's in one spot.

As for viewing the progress of current projects, I have linked my personal Instagram to this website so you all will be able to see what I'm up to more regularly. Once I make progress on transferring my patterns to here, I will remove them from other sites. I do apologize in advance!

I have some nifty pattern ideas in the works which include:

1. Plumbob Plush (The Sims Inspired)

2. Magnificent Mythrill Shrug

3. Bavarian Stitch Triangular Shawl

So be looking forward to those developments and until next time,

Happy Making!

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