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The PERFECT Alternative to Loops & Thread Kai Baby Yarn (Yeah, It's Discontinued)

Please Note: This blog contains affiliate links which means I may earn commission off purchases made through them at no additional cost to you.

Good Day Crafties!

If you've been following me for a while, you'd know that I've been catching grief with my last several projects, as the fibers end up being discontinued not long after I start stitching. Today I wanted to bring to the forefront,Loops & Threads Kai Baby Yarn that was formerly sold at Michaels. This is a CYC 3 weight yarn that calls for a 5.00mm crochet hook or 4.00mm knitting needles. Each skein contained 308 yds of 100% acrylic yarn.

Because I dare to be different, I began making a gown from the fiber in July of 2020. About a month later, I discovered (much to my dismay) that Michaels would no longer carry this uniquely variegated yarn. I began scanning the interwebs for any remnants of this yarn so that I could finish my project. To my luck, I was able to buy out a shop's supply on Etsy 😅 before they ran out. I ended up with 7 skeins of this for the life of this project.

As I continued to work the skirt of my gown, I began to wonder if I had enough yarn to finish this thing. In late December/early January I discovered the answer to all my crafty problems! Joann Fabric had made a new addition to their store brand, Big Twist.

This new yarn, Big Twist Vivid, was an exact match for the Kai yarn that I was working with! It has the exact same specs as it's predecessor, all wrapped in a different label. Now and again, yarn companies will do a big switcheroo with one another but, this doesn't happen often.

So, if you have a project using Kai yarn, this might be the perfect solution for you.

What's the status of this project now, you ask?

I think I've written a little here and there since this blog went live but, the project is going VERY well. I had to upgrade my needle game to ChiaoGoo Red Lace Series (60 inch) 5.00mm because my nylons became too small with all the added increases.

I also bought a hoop skirt because... well you all know I'm extra, okay? I am going to feel like an absolute PRINCESS when I model this gown.

Follow me on Instagram for more progress shots of this project!

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