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The Toothpaste Behind The Camera

Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way sponsored or backed by this brand. This is more of a positive experience product review that contains affiliate links. Speaking of which, affiliate links mean that I receive a commission from purchases made through them. This brand has their own website and also sells on Amazon.

Alright guys, welcome back to the personal blogs! I get quite a few comments, and messages

concerning my general upkeep. Today I'll be particularly addressing my teeth. They're not perfect but they're mine and I take a certain pride in the smile that keeps people watching my content. I've always struggled and suffered with tooth sensitivity and I was convinced that I'd tried it all.

In episode 15 of Hey Craftepreneur!, I addressed the fact that I'd made my own remedy for tooth aches sort of because of that. Well, about a year ago, I was fed up with my fluoride based sensitivity toothpaste because I was paying all this money for it and it wasn't working out. That's when I stumbled across the Hello brand on a dollar store errand. To date, I say that it was an encounter orchestrated by the Lord. Why?

I bought the activated charcoal and hemp seed oil, non-fluoride version of the toothpaste and within a few days, not only were my teeth more white, but the pain and sensitivity was severely reduced. Now, I want to also make clear that I've done a lot of my own research regarding different ingredients and healthy remedies over the years. My decision to abandon fluoride is based on that and the personal experiences I've had with it. With this toothpaste, I no longer dread (I know this sounds bad) brushing my teeth as I can actually feel the healthy difference and there's no nasty aftertaste. Period.

When I received my order, everything was nicely packaged and because I ordered from their main site, I got a freebie in the form of their sensitivity relieving paste and contains coconut oil. This formula is made with fluoride though but, I am pretty curious about it. Perhaps I'll test it out someday but at this time, I'm most impressed with their charcoal/hemp seed oil line of product. Perhaps one day, they'll come out with the fluoride-free version and I'd totally be here for it!

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