Having a long time interest in herbalism and natural remedies, one day as my crocheting was forcibly put to a halt from wrist pain, I though to myself ," There has to be a solution to this!" Over the next few years, I combined ambition and knowledge with extensive research and planning to come up with this formula I'm presenting to you.

Regular rest is always encouraged when knitting and crochet but, this salve has helped me over time to eliminate residual aching in my hands, wrists, and fingers while crafting.

This formula is non-greasy and gives off a cool and soothing aroma that lasts.

Directions: Massage a pinkie nail- sized amount of salve onto the area causing pain. Then rest your wrists for a few moments and allow the cooling sensation set in.

Not intended for use on children!

Disclaimer: DO NOT use on open wounds, if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, or if pregnant/ nursing. This salve contains essential oils and is meant as a potential alternative for pain relief. It is not medically certified or meant to replace prescribed medication.

Package will also include a 4" mini compostable & biodegradable wooden spoon. Made of smooth 100% Birchwood.

Crafty Soothing Salve for Joint Pain and Inflammation