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Dear Potential Sponsor,

I have over 10 years of fiber craft experience and 7 years of content creation/pattern production under my belt. Here, you can see recent data on how I reach consumers on my largest social media account, YouTube.

Sponsors play a huge role in my success as they give me the opportunity to build brand awareness, broaden this brand's competitive edge and establish credibility within the needlecraft industry. In return, my sponsors enjoy a wide range of benefits including; increased profits from yarn sales, a platform to reach a broader, more diverse audience and raised awareness of the organization as a whole. My goal is to build long-term relationships with sponsors that result in mutual benefit.

I am delighted that you have taken such interest in my brand, as to consider sponsorship. If you are a yarn company or publisher interested in a partnership, brand ambassadorship, affiliate programs, providing yarn support, or sponsorship, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Please reach out to Infiniti at for a negotiations and custom quotes.

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More Information

Would you like Infiniti Crafting Company’s readers to become your newest customers?

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Infiniti Whitley, a designer, content entrepreneur, tutorial videographer, consumer, and artisan.

Infiniti Crafting Company is the place to find easy to follow, step by step tutorials about crochet, continental knitting, Sentro loom knitting, and pottery content.

My tutorials have been viewed collectively by hundreds of thousands of Crafties and have built a dedicated community of makers from all over the globe.

How to Partner with Infiniti Crafting Co.

A partnership with Infiniti Crafting Company can offer: sponsored posts, sponsored YouTube videos, product reviews, and social media promotion.

Details of Partnerships

All partner opportunities are evaluated for readership interest and to help maintain the brand integrity of Infiniti Crafting Company.

Note that I do not partner with brands free of charge or for product.


If you are interested in providing a proposal, please include compensation details in the email you send. I analyze each request within 72 hours and usually respond back within a week.

Previous Partnerships

I've previously worked closely with these brands and have introduced a range of their products and/or serviced to my active community!

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