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Infiniti Whitley a.k.a ArtsyChiitos

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     Infiniti Whitley is a St. Louis native, mixed media artist. She graduated from St. Louis Community College in 2019 with an honorific AFA – Art Education and is currently pursuing a BFA at Fontbonne University. She has displayed work at Ferguson Sculptureworks art gallery “Mystics and Materials”. Her works reflect that inwardness, being greatly inspired by thought. Infiniti exploits the organic properties of fluid art in stark contradiction to straight geometric lines and representational forms. Her use of primary colors juxtapose black and white, representing the multiplicity of human emotion. The more complex aspects are represented through the randomness of design in the media. Her artistic interests continue to evolve, experimenting in fiber arts and design.

     In 2018, she began using her passion for art education to start Infiniti Crafting Company, a sole proprietor committed to teaching the fiber arts online. From here, she began a career in crochet and knitwear design as she continued her undergraduate studies. While this micro business became her priority, she still continues to create art under the pseudonym, ArtsyChiitos. Infiniti has taken a small hiatus from producing paintings as she continues to focus on her business. However, she has begun to fall in love with creating again through ceramics. Ultimately, it is Infiniti's goal to inspire others to use their creative gifts for their own cathartic release. By building Infiniti Crafting Company, Infiniti has found a way to use her decade of artistic experience to create a world of intrigue for herself and others. 



Bachelor in Fine Arts - Studio Concentration in Painting and Ceramics, Business Administration Minor
Fontbonne University

Experiencing a rich, studio intensive curriculum, Infiniti sought to find ways to enrich her business experience as she completed her undergraduate education. She became enchanted by the challenges of 3D art and changed her concentration from solely painting to add on ceramics. While deepening her knowledge of business management, Infiniti found a way to blend her love for fine art with her fiber arts business.


Associate in Fine Arts - Art Education
St. Louis Community College

A studio intensive fine arts path that also incorporated teacher education in its curriculum. Students graduated prepared to further their education in a BFA, with half the courses required for K- 12 teaching certification.

Infiniti was the president of the Fine Arts Club from 2019 - 2020.

Campus Peer/ Orientation Leader from 2017 - 2020 where she aided in student acclimation to the college environment.

Artist Statement


My artwork indulges my own introspection. Each piece is a private journey through the components of one's soul, broken into simplistic forms that viewers must interpret. The flow of colors and implied lines is a loose pathway around the subject matter. The dynamic streaks of color create a dialogue between the abstraction, geometric shapes, and representational elements. The strong symbolism behind each work leaves the viewer to form their own relationship with the material. 

How To Purchase

Head over to the ' Get In Touch' button at the top of the page. Fill out the form with your name, email, and write ' ArtsyChiitos Purchase Inquiry' in the subject line. Write me a message and I will get back to you within 24 - 48 hours to hash out any further details.

If you are prepared to purchase art, some of the things discussed will include shipping and where to send the invoice. All invoices are powered through Paypal at this time.

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