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Artsy Saturdays

So... in 2019 I put out a little survey for my channel, Infiniti Crafting Co. to do over my hiatus. One of the questions had to do with the art videos that I was putting out. There's been a lot going on since that time and I just want to let my community know again that I've not forgotten about Artsy Saturdays.

Until more recently, I was getting very demotivated when it comes to YouTube and my other life obligations seemed to pile up on me. I am also an artist that gets inspiration from the outside world and social interactions. The year 2020 robbed me of that inspiration and the other day, I picked up my paint brush for the first time since July. This was one factor affecting that segment's return.

Time constraints are always a thing, especially having transitioned into a university. I feel like I don't have time for anything but, I'm working on putting things into perspective so that I have more time for the things I love to do! To my surprise, 60% of those who took the survey, want to see the return of my art content. (This was more than I was expecting 😅)

The other day, I'd recorded part of a painting anyhow but seeing this has sparked something in me again. In response, I've decided :

  • Create a separate YT channel for my art.

I'll be using ArstyChiitos as my channel name, it's the same as my personal IG (which I previously used for art before I decided to focus on ICC.

  • I'll use my personal IG to post finished art.

Its been dead for sometime now as I've been focusing on my brand and working on separating myself from harmful relationships. I think its time to revive ArstyChiitos in all her glory.

  • I'm not going to commit to a regular upload schedule for this.

Getting my LLC up and going is still a main priority for me. Unless this content is HIGHLY in demand, I don't intend on killing myself with a consistent schedule. Once I get episodes completed, I'll try to upload 2 segments per month or so.

So what now?

I'd love to upload when I have an audience! I'm working on graphics and what not for the channel but, if you want to go ahead an subscribe, that'd be amazing! If you love my content and want to see it take off, the best indicator for me is that subscriber count. I'll start uploading when I reach 500, its no fun posting art when there is no audience.

Check out my new channel, ArtsyChiitos here.

You can also support me on Instagram if you have it. This will be the final destination for my pieces after the video demonstrations.

Of course donations to my ko-fi blog are always welcome too (but never necessary)!

I'm looking forward to creating this new wave of content and revisiting this aspect of my career. 💖

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