This is my Knitted Faux Mask! This tightly knit but breathable mask is perfect for costumes, cold weather, or just an overlay with a pop of color!

 It is not CDC approved or medically certified. This product is not meant for small children.

Please note that all variegated variations may have a slightly different color pattern than the ones  pictured. The solid colors are consistent as they only have one color to contend with.

The knitted item is machine washable and dryer safe.

I wanted to make some simple face coverings that would add a little cheer to one's environment during these odd times. In many cities, including my own, they are all but begging citizens to cover their faces with something before using public transit or entering grocery stores. I don't know how to sew yet but I thought that this would be an interesting idea to try out so I set out to designing this mask. Again, it is not CDC approved or medically certified but, I hope it helps someone.

The filter included provides 5 layers of PM2.5 air filtering.
These filters are not washable
All are Adult size
Filters, Should be replaced once a week based on 8 hour work days.

Knitted Faux Mask Overlay