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Official Infiniti Crafting Co. Socials

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Over the years, I've tested a quite a few platforms to expand the reach of Infiniti Crafting Company. On this list, you can find the ones that I am actually active on. These are the official social media pages for Infiniti Crafting Co.

✅Infiniti Crafting Company Official Website✅

[You are here!] This is the central source for showing your support to Infiniti Crafting Company. It is here that you can find all my patterns, video content, handmade items, and more. You can show your support by signing up for the site itself, the free newsletter, or sharing the content in the blog area. You can find out everything you want to know about Infiniti (myself) and the brand.

🧶 Join ICC's Email List 🧶

Commit to fandom by joining my email newsletter. It is here that I share exclusive deals, early releases, pattern releases, and other brand news. If you've subscribed to the website's blog, that is a different platform from my actual email list. In order to adjust your email settings from the blog, please see this blog post or the FAQ page. The emails received from the email system, MailerLite, are hand written and personally sent by me, at most, 5 times per month.

🎥 Youtube 🧶

The Youtube channel of Infiniti Crafting Company is the premiere spot for all of my craft tutorials and podcasts. It is just one of my platforms that supports my small business start up, keen on spreading the awareness of therapy through crafting. Here you will find various tutorials, vlogging, and company announcements. I have been crocheting since 2013, knitting since 2015 and I have found it to be a wholesome, fruitful hobby and a potentially bountiful career. Both crochet and knitting are a type of art therapy and I know after a long week of work and classes, I need a way to wind down. I'm here now, trying to spread the love of my craft through tutorial and interaction. Come grow with me and thank you all for your support!

🧶 Rumble 🎥

Not sure if you noticed but, 2020 was the year that mainstream social media went berserk. I decided that I would need to back up the YouTube channel that I loved so much. I have seen so much love since joining the platform in late 2020. Here you can find more recent Channel Chats, all crochet, knitting, and sentro tutorials, and occasional updates for Infiniti Crafting Co.


I am officially on the Telegram messaging app with an Infiniti Crafting Co Official channel. It is here that I post exclusive things such as patterns on pre-release, free samples of e-content, and more.

💖 KO-FI Blog

Ko-fi is the free, friendly way to accept donations, subscriptions and sales directly from my fans with 0% platform fees. I use it as a tip jar, to let fans contribute towards my goals for Infiniti Crafting Co., I've also opened a Ko-fi Shop to house the Hey Craftepreneur! podcast episodes. You can also subscribe to me via Ko-fi to contribute monthly. These funds will go toward actual coffee AND better equipment, programs, and set ups for future content on the website and channel(s). I, Ko-fi, nor this website will EVER contact you asking for personal information or demanding funds. Donations are never mandatory but are always welcome!















📸 Instagram 📸

I've been on the Gram since 2018. In 2020, I decided to shift gears and create an account specifically for Infiniti Crafting Co. You can follow me here to see all the wips, upcoming tutorials, and other updates. I do most of my public polling and giveaway announcements here also.

🧶 Etsy
Etsy, like many Craftepreneurs, was my debut platform. I shifted all physical inventory to this website at the end of 2020. The Etsy shop is still open but, you will only find my patterns here. The best way to support me will be on the official website.

🧶✅ Pinterest ✅🧶

We can all use a little Pinspiration, amiright? You can find ALL of Infiniti Crafting Co.'s content on pinterest also in easy to navigate sections.

🎤 SoundCloud 🎤

Here you can find the first five episodes of the Hey Craftepreneur! podcast for free!

👚 Merch Shop 💰


Did you know that I had really awesome merch? Find everything from graphic tees to stainless steel tumblers with Infiniti Crafting Co. branding. This is one of the many ways you can support the content and also get something really neat in exchange!


I started my brand's Facebook page just two months after I started YouTubing in 2018. It is a small community so far but, I'm looking to expand the page in the future!

💰 CashApp 💲: $InfinitiWhitley