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2020 in Review

I won't outright say that this year sucked. I know, sounds naive. In some respects, there were bad things that happened this year and I don't downplay them, however, there are a few things that I've been grateful for.

Life is all about the silver linings! Like many people, I lost a job this year and believe me it felt like I was financially drowning for a while. I was actively trying to launch my branded Etsy shop...that.... went horribly wrong. Though the disappointment has been heavy, through all this extra time, I've been constantly learning and actively engaging with my brand. Just in doing that, I've gained relatively large audiences and reached my 1k goal! I'd estimated initially to be monetized by the end of 2021 but that happened a whole year early. THIS grand development brought me out of my funk just in time for Christmas. Even though I didn't meet all of my own expectations this year, I achieved most of them and got fairly close to a few others on this list.

I'll be sharing my 2021 goals later this month but, I wanted to first celebrate the strides made in 2020. This year has afforded me some successes that weren't expected and taken some opportunities that I did. I'm an optimist though so here's to next year!

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