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Hey Craftepreneur! Podcast Subscription Service Coming Soon!

Hello Crafties!

I come bearing good news. If you've been following my podcast, Hey Craftepreneur! , this year you'll know that I've been trying to design and configure a subscription service for the series. Well...

I'll be launching the subscription service for Hey Craftepreneur! at the end of June as a part of the monthly patch update. There will be one starter tier and depending on the reception, their may be higher tiers for the podcast. So far, 9 of the episodes have been loaded to my website's database. I believe Ep. 13 will be the first to be added post subscription service launch.

Why am I doing this?

I was sorta thinking that it may be more feasible in the long run for people to be able to pay one low monthly fee to view this content as opposed to purchasing each and every episode. I plan to keep uploading individual episodes to my Ko-fi shop because the support from this platform has been amazing over the last three years.

Think about this:

Subscribing to the podcast would be similar to being a monthly subscriber to my Ko-fi profile. The difference is that you'll have full access to all my video podcasts, any corresponding resource files, AND a free copy of my e-book, Hop Into Patterning.

With the support from your subscriptions, I'll be able to:

1. Pay for bandwidth a.k.a. continue to create the podcast

2. Develop future perks for the program including more tiers

3. Have more info to give out - remember Hey Craftepreneur! is a follow along of my small business journey. The more I can learn and grow, the more I can share with you all!


4. On a personal note, when you all purchase my media and handmade products, it not only helps me to grow Infiniti Crafting Co. & ArtsyChiitos but, it also helps me in my personal life. I am a first gen college student doing it all on my own. I have limited support in my personal life outside of my household ( me and my grandma.) Did I mention I help take care of my grandma as I work, create content, and go to school full time? Your support helps me with bills, tuition, and actual coffee.

I feel very blessed to have the supporter base that I do and I hope that we can all continue to grow together. I never really ask for donations because I feel compelled to give people something in exchange for their hard earned money. I like the idea that I've worked for something. However, if you feel compelled to give then I truly appreciate it.

If you love my content and just want to support me in general, please share the content. Free content is awesome to do, I've been at it for three years now and it brings me joy to entertain and teach my community. The catch is that it takes hours of time and a lot of energy to produce the free patterns and tutorials.

I always say, the best way to help any creator is to share their content because it helps us battle the smaugorithm (algorithm) of whatever platform. When you share my content, helps me to push through and reach more people who may also want to support my content.

Likewise, I am still on Etsy with my patterns for the convenience of my community BUT, it's always better for me when purchased are made through my official website because there are less fees and hassles involved. I also share my savings with you all. Most of my works are cheaper on my site than they are on Etsy.

Thank you Crafties and Happy Making! 💖🧶

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