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How to Knit The Frost Fighter Face Cowl

In late 2018, I knew that I had a monster to face in the coming months. You see, I was in college with no car, solely dependent upon the frigid bus stops and connections in the winter. In Missouri, we don't have it AS bad as a lot of other places but Januaries are cruel and biting. In my household, deep winter usually consists of adding a layer of Vaseline to your face to protect your skin from the freezing temperatures.

I could never consistently get with that routine so, I took my beginner knitting skills and put them to work. I had this beautiful cake of Watercolors Worsted Weight from Darn Good Yarn on my shelf which I'd previously had no use for. I stitched up this face cowl which WONDERFULLY shielded me from the cold.

This pattern because such a hit among my circle that I ended up making and gifting a few of them to some friends.

Anyhoo, enough of the back story, you're here for tutorial! I did a KAL for this project in 2020. You can really use any combination of stitches for this project but for today's purposes, we're going to stick to the basic stockinette!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Don't have time to make one? I have a few that are readymade available in the shop!

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