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Infiniti Crafting Doesn't Stand With Ravelry

Here it goes everyone.

I never thought that I would have to outwardly express my disapproval of another crafting community on my website. Before I begin, I would like to note that I realize the risk of putting my opinion out here being the small startup that I am, but it must be said.

On June 23, 2019, the yarn craft pattern hosting site, Ravelry, decided to get very political, Everyone has a right to express their views and as a business you have a right to choose who you wish to deal with. Ravelry however, has taken a hypocritical and abrupt stance to silence the voices of many in the knit/crochet community, yet, they boast having an environment which promotes inclusiveness. I digress,

I believe and respect that others are entitled to their own beliefs but I don't belief that your business platform is a place for personal bias.

I and many other Crafties are disgusted by this behavior and like many others, I am making the move to relocate the patterns that I have posted on that site, I'm not knocking anyone who still wishes to support them but, they no longer align with the positive values on which I have founded ICC, Freedom of speech is a right that one has as an American citizen and you cannot spew bias and revoke that right from the masses and still claim to be "for the community." While their TOS says that they are not endorsing either party, why are you only banning one side and not both. Some may argue that the crafting community is no place for politics. Working crafts is a happy place for many, including myself, and I refuse to have it muddled because of someone else's decision to make others feel unwelcome. My Facebook bio for ICC reads," Welcome to the official Facebook page of Infiniti Crafting Company, a small business start up, spreading the awareness of therapy through tutorial. " This means that regardless of your viewpoint, I wish to create a community that gets along and makes together.

I too would argue this point save for the fact that knitting and crochet are art forms. Art has always been used as a means to express political and religious movements. And that is any person's right should they please to do so,,,

Sadly, I am making this rant post at the very tail end of my haitus. Almost my entire year's content that I recorded over the last month makes mention of my Ravelry page being the source for my patterns. The has also occurred As of today, Sat. June 29th, I formally and officially withdraw all association from Ravelry as an independent crafter and as a business. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be working on reactivating my Etsy shop and relocating all of my posted patterns (there weren't many) there. Additionally. I'll be scrubbing all of my media clean of Ravelry.

For better or for worse, I stand with my convictions and my decision to leave.

For those of you who would like to keep up with me and my endeavors, check out my digital business card here:

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