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Kinda Exciting New Leg of YouTube?

I am aware that this is not yarn related. Anyhoo! Good evening, Crafties!

Last year, YT let all of us creators know that we'd be able to monetize our short form content starting Feb. 1, 2023. We were told that we'd have to review and accept new terms to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Welp, after watching all my fellow creators seemingly get this new notice, I finally got mine tonight!

Now there's no need to panic. I will still be making long form videos and tutorials on the Infiniti Crafting Co. channel. I've been experimenting with making Shorts over the last year as a way to reach and engage new Crafties. I'll continue to run some tests after reviewing the new terms with shorts because I am greatly curious on how this will benefit channel revenue. I personally don't think that mine will make a lot but, I could be proven wrong later on down the line.

Under normal monetization (long form videos and livestreams) I get paid 55% of whatever income is made from the ads played on my videos.

With this new monetization of shorts, it appears that creators will make 45% instead. If YouTube credits any content owned or licensed by any party other than the uploader

as making a contribution to a Short, then each view of that Short will be divided on a fractional basis.

I think this is going to be really interesting, especially for creators who reuse their short form videos from other platforms. Either way, I've got my settings turned on for all of my eligible content so, we'll see how February works out.

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