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Learning the Craft Agenda

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Transparency ftw!

No? Oh, alright.

Well I know I'm one for liking to know what's going on and what's to come. Today I thought that I would start a fresh post and give you all a clean list of the tutorials to come!

Changing Colors

In this tutorial, I'll be going over a couple of ways to change your colors in a project. Why might this be important? Well not all yarns can be variegated the way we'd like them to be or maybe you're working on a long project with 10 skeins and your yarn basket is on fir- okay. All jokes aside, this is an important skill to have for large and/or multi-colored projects like these:

Fastening Off and Weaving in Ends

Some tutorials out there break their subjects down (almost too much) but, I find that these two concepts are better taught together. By this point in our series, you've probably started a project. I'm going to give you all a couple of methods for fastening off and weaving in ends, as well as some tips for doing so.

Treble or Triple Crochet

I see that look on your face. It's just: ch 4,{ y/o twice, insert hook y/o , y/o pull through 2....}Yeah, I know. The written patterns always seemed intimidating to me too for a while there. That's why I'm here though! To make it easier. This stitch is worked similarly to the double crochet so no treble!

I Spoke Earlier on Combining Concepts

The tutorial following trebles will focus on crochet in the round (there's a couple ways) and I think it'd be good to talk about the two methods in two parts. In the first part, I'll go over both methods and work them with you. In the second part, I'll introduce increasing and decreasing.

By the time we finish these concepts, you'll be well on your way to making your first hat (if you haven't already that is.)

Finally, I'll make a video that discusses gauge and hook size!

Happy making!

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