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March Updates!

It's that time of the month again, you know... where I update the site and all? Where are these days going?!

List of Updates:

Get in Touch Button

I've updated the button to lead to a contact info page! I recently remembered that I could get a Google Voice number so, I've decided to use it specifically for the site. I'm a girl with limited time though and email is my preferred method of contact but, I wanted to have that option available for future purposes.

So now you can contact me via phone, email, or snail-mail!

The 'Shop Now' Button on the home page now works

These buttons are pesky y'all! I told them," You don't work, you don't eat!", so now they're doing over time 😉. (I discovered this one on my own but, feel free to contact me if there are others in the future. I don't bite, I'm just sleep deprived.)

New Icons on IG

Not really a site thing but, I was able to commission someone to make IG icons for my story highlights! I'm constantly trying to improve my aesthetics!

Way back in yonder year, I signed up for this site, not realizing it was a paid service lol... anyhoo, this month, I resubmitted my information and hopefully, I'll be listed here permanently. I think in the long run, this will be less expensive than all the other collective advertising I've been doing. I also found out that I have a following on FeedSpot for my Youtube channel and I honestly don't recall submitting my channel... none the less, I'm so excited to see that there are like 227 people that I've reached over the years on this platform!

Added Decline All Button to the Cookie Banner

For sites based in France, or sites that receive visitors from France, the French data authority (CNIL) recently revised their guidelines on cookies and similar technologies. These guidelines state that visitors should be able to refuse non-essential cookies as easily they can give consent.

I never know what Crafties may stumble across my site so, I went ahead and made that addition. So when new visitors click on my site, they'll have the option to decline all non-essential cookies.

Same price, just updated the pattern itself! I also made the tutorial public (honestly forgot that I'd recorded one all that time ago.)

Started Submitting My Free Patterns to AllFreeCrochet

I'm trying a lot of different ways to get traffic flowing to my website. One of those ways is submitting to different directories and groups to reach a broader audience. Probably the best source on the internet for exposure as a pattern maker is AllFreeCrochet. Their database is huge and hopefully, I'll be able to reach more Crafties when its all said and done!

Like I said previously, I'm trying to get a little creative with how I drive traffic to ICC. Galaxy of Stars is a small business resource targeted toward women and minorities. I've been following their platform for a year or two and I thought it'd be nice to list my startup there. It would seem that I'm very niched on this platform so this should be fun to observe.

Updated the Fishnet Shawl Crochet Pattern Both Here and on Etsy

Woops! Sometimes these patterns get past me. I've updated the pattern now on both platform. You can check it out now:

Or on Etsy

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