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Infiniti Crafting Co. is Off to a Great Start!

Good day Crafties!

It's been 2 weeks since I've launched this website and things have been great, thank you all for visiting, joining the newsletter, and just showing general support for my cause!

The "re-learning" curve has been real for me in working on web design. Since launch day, I've discovered some new features that would definitely benefit the site in the long run. Most successful businesses update their websites ever so often to meet new needs that arise from operating. I aspire to do the same! After launching my site, I went to work like a keebler elf and I've done a lot more behind the scenes stuff.

For now, I'm thinking that all major updates to this website will be done on the last day of a month. So today, February 28th, there will be some changes to that will go into effect. It should be a quick and smooth change so feel free to keep browsing. If you experience any glitches, just reload the page you're on. Sometimes these things take a few minutes to smooth out the kinks.

I hope these updates will make the ICC experience even better!

Happy Making! 💖

Site Changes 02/28/2021

- Edited Site Navigation Menu

Added the Merch shop link.

Applied new font to the navigation menue

Added a search bar to the site

- Edited the Subscribe Form

The Subscribe form now universally requires a name and email address. This helps me to create a better email marketing experience for everyone and to stay organized

- Verified Site to Pinterest

ICC is now Official on Pinterest

Added coding that allows me to get a better understanding of analytics

- Updated the SoundCloud Player

Now the SoundCloud player on the Blog page so now it will show all the running episodes of Hey Craftepreneur! available on the platform!

- Social Streams

Added the Instagram hashtag feed to the blog page; takes about 24 hours to update.

Added the Pinterest feed to the blog page; takes about 24 hours to update.

- Removed subscribe form from the top of the blog page.

I was aware that it looked weird, my only justification was that that it had the name field and it was attention grabbing. The form is now universally housed in the footer.

- Modified the Sign Up Form

Now when you sign up, you'll be able to specify your craft (much like the google sign up form for emails). It will allow me to optimize email marketing and other content in the future!

- Made Donations Page Visible

I'm a little weird about receiving donations so I left it hidden from the site until now. I accept donations through Ko-fi (paypal), CashApp, and if you have it, Bitcoin! All donations help contribute to web-hosting and platform fees, supplies, giveaway items, COFFEE, etc. Again, I don't really ask for it but they're always welcome. 💖

- Hid That Darn Member's Page

I didn't really like the idea of people being able to see everyone who joined the website. So through that previously mentioned learning curve, I figured out how to hide that page off the face of the earth. You can now enjoy complete anonymity when you join the Crafty family!

- Shipping Policy

Added the shipping stipulation to the shop and cart pages. I don't want anyone to mistakenly make a purchase that cannot be fulfilled! Please review the shipping policy on the FAQ page before shopping.

- Added Socials to the Invoice Page

I just want to make sure that all of my socials are interconnected throughout the site.

- Copyrighted the Website!

I copyright all my patterns and art anyhow, I just did this because I could really but, I know it'll be handy in the future as well.

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