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September Updates

This update is pretty minimal. 2021 has been an outstanding year for growth and development for this website and the brand as a whole. September was a month of working on projects for the most part. Soon, I'll have some announcements to make regarding the ArtsyChiitos channel and some resulting updates so stay tuned.

On September 19th, I made a new end screen for my YouTube videos.

In doing so, it is my hope to grow and develop my Hey Craftepreneur! podcast beyond what it is.

Also, not really an update that I've done but, the YouTube views and whatnots are back up which means Adsense revenue is also increasing. This is going to help a lot this upload season as I want to continue advertising my content on social media and do another yarn haul or two.

I've added all my handmade projects, finally, to FB shop!

So the thing was that Facebook's advertising policy is ever shifting and when I first submitted my shop listings directly from my dashboard, it was okay to sell masks or similar projects. Somewhere along the line though, this changed and my unpublished shop was banished to the shadow realm. The solution? I manually added my handmade stuff and deleted the other catalogues. Now I'm just waiting for approval from the overlords. I've yet to add my stickers and pins, that'll be coming soon.

I spent the summer uploading blog posts for my tutorials and now I'm almost at the end of the line with things...or am I?

I've yet to upload my Sentro series to Rumble and I also have more regular knitting and crochet tutorials to upload over there. The videos in the blog posts are the ones I post on Rumble... long story short, I'm changing the posting schedule for stitch/project blogs to the normal Sunday/Wednesday that I use for YouTube.

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