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The Best Part of Waking Up definitely Folgers in my cup. But, what could be better than my daily morning dose of dark roast? Perhaps... I don't know reaching a goal I didn't think would be reached this year?

I'm currently sitting back with my cup of coffee monetizing all of my videos.

When I say that, I mean it. In January, I was just hitting 500 subscribers for which I was elated. My watch time was abysmally low though and honestly by the end of 2019, I totally expected this to be a slow growth process.

For the most part, it was. But as with anything related to virality, the sudden influx this later end of the year came out of no where. People REALLY enjoy my Sentro Knitting Machine tutorials.

All this was not my own though, shoutouts from fellow Crafties like Kim from ClassyKim's Crochet Group, Jane Wynn from Scraptastic Yarns, and Alysha from Littlejohn's Yarn were a grand help over this last year!

(P.S. these are really awesome people so go check out their channels and podcasts! 💕)

But most of all, praise be to my God! I won't lie, earlier this week I was starting to become depressed because of all this effort I've put in over the last 2 years and the lack of any 'real' success. I prayed about it and asked for a sign to keep going for Infiniti Crafting Co. ( This will definitely be an episode of Hey Craftepreneur!) and to begin a new week on such a high note could be nothing but that sign to go on.

I've already recorded all that I'm going to record for the rest of 2020 so, this will be an update my community won't know about until January unfortunately. School is sucking out all of my energy right now so I'm focusing on that more than anything. The semester is almost over though, so brighter days are ahead.

Thank you to everyone who follows me and/or shares/likes all of my content! I'm looking forward to moving into 2021 with the big three goals I have for that year!

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