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The Crafties Have Spoken

Good day, Crafties! You may have noticed that in November 2022, I launched a series of polls. Mostly, I've wanted to pick y'all's brains and find out what you truly value from me as a content creator. I feel as though my eyes have been opened to some things and I want to take to time to list them and have a chat with whomever decides to comment here.

Naturally, as I continue my journey to take Infiniti Crafting Co. full time, I feel the need to grow. In order to do that, I have to survey and understand what my viewers truly want to see. My channel/ brand started out as a crochet gig but, over the years, it has bloomed into a platform that gives instruction on multiple crafts.

On November 17th, I sent out a poll on YouTube to see what categories of my content people valued the most. To my surprise, it was by far, Sentro knitting machine content. Vlogs and knitting were practically decimated in this poll. That got me to thinking.

During my upcoming breaks, I plan to sit back with the machine a little more to see what other projects I can figure out in order to cater to this huge segment of my audience.

The next highest result is my crochet content. I found it endearing that people still enjoy learning my original craft from me. I do intend to continue stitch tutorials but, lately, I've been thinking about containing project tutorials. They take much, much longer to put together and draw in fewer views. This in turn makes it hard to keep producing them. On occasion though, I'll still announce new patterns in the shop for those interested in exclusive video tutorials and helping to support Infiniti Crafting Co.'s content.

Vlogging content is next on the list. Initially it came in at just 8% of my viewers. At the time of that poll, I had about 9100 subscribers so, that meant in theory, there were 728 people who enjoyed hearing about my life and yarn adventures. I still plan to do these also, just at the moment, I'll be doing them considerably less until I can get my dental life together.

Now to the kicker... 0% voted for knitting. I was taken aback a little by that honestly, and I'm at a cross-roads where I don't know what to do with that bit of data. I really like doing the knitting content, especially since my style of knitting is decisively continental, which I discovered in November 2021.

I know for a fact that there are some people that enjoy these tutorials based on comments I've received in the past. I'm going to keep putting out these polls to gauge what my community wants because at the end of the day,that's what keeps the channel afloat. I also want to balance that with what I love to do, which is pattern design.

I'm not all that sure how I should execute that in a way that is catering but also is sustainable because it takes a LOT of time and resources to do the design thing and I can't realistically release everything on the public domain.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below.

Anyhoo, that's the update for now.

Til next time,

Happy Making!

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