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The Good, The Bad, and The Crafty

Hello Crafties!

I am here with a bit of sad news. If you've been keeping up with the ICC Facebook page, you'll know that to my dismay, Craftsy closed down the established pattern shop. There is no love lost to an amazing crafters' platform.

Thankfully, I was thinking as I would upload patterns there, I'd do the same on the site so, that means that none of my content was actually lost. What does this mean for ICC though? Well for one thing, I've been thrown in a bit of a tizzy because now I need to go about changing all of the end slides for future content. This is especially frustrating due to the fact that all of January '19's videos are pre-uploaded at this time. Thankfully again, I haven't uploaded all of them to date so, there is room for correction there.

Another matter is, I will be posting all patterns on Ravelry now. There will be no reattempt at Craftsy's pattern market place. While there are no hard feelings, as a small business, I cannot afford to constantly be concerned with trying to rework graphic design, reprinting, and the whole shebang. Luckily, I design and print all of my advertisement pieces myself and that this happened before my winter reprints. Ink is not cheap guys.

What I need now everyone is your continued patience as I hash everything out. Likewise, I ask for your help and continued support. Please donate a kofi today to support the fixing of this sudden dilemma.

P.S. Ball isn't life, caffeine is.

As always, happy making!

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