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The Hey Craftepreneur! Podcast

Hello Crafties! Today, I wanted to touch a little on my video podcast, Hey Craftepreneur! because I don't think I really have. You see, I've got a bad habit of mentioning things in passing lol.

Debutting on January 14, 2021, the Hey Craftepreneur! podcast is a bi-weekly follow along of my craft business journey. In this series, I give advice around content creation, tips on what not to do when starting a craft business, early access, and content otherwise not seen on YouTube (or anywhere else.

You can purchase these episodes on an individual basis or, you can subscribe to the podcast for $3.99 (plus tax) and have full access to the library, resource files, and my e-book, Hop Into Patterning For Curious Crafties & Beginners. Basically, this functions as a Patreon but embedded directly into my blog.

Over the last several months, I've built a library of 15 shows where I openly discuss the highs and lows of building a craft business, given helpful resources that I've used, and showed off eary peaks into what's to come for Infiniti Crafting Company. Those who have subscribed earn the title of Super Crafty because that's just what you are! The support gained from the series helps to keep Infiniti Crafting Co. content growing from the free content to the paid. It also helps Infiniti (me) as I continue this brand building journey while in college. Not to mention the caffeine needed to do so.

So, if you've been wanting more content from Infiniti Crafting Co., you'll enjoy this candid podcast adventure!

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