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The Summer Shop Update Is HERE!

As you all know, this summer has presented some challenges for me but, that is totally overshadowed by the giddiness I feel now as I announce the store update for my handmade shop. In this blog, I'm going to share with you all the items that I have ready made and ready to find their forever homes. This update will go live at 1pm CST today so keep your eyes peeled!

The inventory I've stitched out:

1 - Lace Weight Fishnet Shawl - Sandy Beach

1 - Lace Weight Fishnet Headband

95 - Cotton Blend Scrunchies

I regret to inform you all that it's been too cold in my studio to produce my resin products that I'd planned to release today. No matter what I did, I would end up with sticky, bubble laden product and lots of wasted resin. So to that end, I had a limited quantity of salvageable items which include:

6 - Infiniti Crafting Co. Keychains

2 - Stitch marker jars

Aside from these items, I have some merch items listed here on the site in the form of:

25 - 3 inch holographic stickers

53 - 2.25 inch pinback buttons (Infiniti Crafting Co)

Despite the rough summer I've had, I'm happy to have these items available in the shop today!

Have a favorite new item? Be sure to share it on Facebook and Pinterest! 💖

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