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Wheel Thrown Porcelain Knitting Needle Holder - "Mildred"
  • Wheel Thrown Porcelain Knitting Needle Holder - "Mildred"


    🧶Meet Mildred!🧶


    Mildred is made from high-quality, locally mixed porcelain clay that is fired to a medium-high temperature. This makes it durable and resistant to damage while allowing for consistent color results. The vase is also non-porous, which means that it will not absorb moisture or odors.  Mildred is ideal for keeping standard or specialty hooks in one safe space. The vase has a triangular opening and a rounded body. 2/3rd's of the body is a Pete's red while the remaining 1/3rd was dipped in black and poured on the inside, and allowed to run. She will complement any décor in your craftroom. 



    The vase is also a great gift for any crocheter.



    The mouth of the vessel is 3.75"W. She sits 3.5"H.

    SKU: CHV04

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