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3 Last Minute Easter Crochet Makes!

Good Day Crafties!

Easter is soon approaching! That means we're all probably scrambling to find last minute patterns to make for church or other celebratory events.

Though we adults recognize the true meaning of Easter, smaller children see it as a fun social day full of candy and activity. As a kid, I can remember dyeing eggs with my grandmothers and eating all the chocolate eggs I could find. As an adult looking back, I have often thought of ways to connect the joys of Easter (Resurrection Day) to Jesus and all He has done for us in a way that kids can understand. So that they grasp the true meaning early and hopefully carry it throughout life. Regardless to belief though, I think that many enjoy this season because of the joy this holiday brings to the children.

One event that is very popular is of course, the egg hunt! I never got to participate in them myself but I think the scramble to find them is so fun! This led me to design a crochet Easter Egg pattern in

2019. You could make a bunch of them (the project goes by very quickly) and whomever collects the most eggs wins the Easter prize.

Likewise, they make nice keepsakes for the kids after the event is over! (Leaving little clean up for you afterwards)

OR you could make specific colors and attach a prize to each color category (i.e. the golden egg is the ticket to the grand prize.) The best yarn to use for this project (in my opinion) is Red Heart Super Saver Chunky or Red Heart Super Saver.

My duck pouf pattern (I call him Dexter) is another awesome make for Easter! He might take an hour or so to make if you're following the pattern. If you're making him (or her) larger, it'll take a little longer. I think he makes nice for decor or as a grand prize for the egg hunt. Dexter's pattern predates Eggu by at least 2 years so this duo wasn't made on purpose. It was just last year in 2020 that I realized how perfectly adorable they are together.

For either of these projects, you could crochet the eyes or use safety eyes, it just depends on who your audience will be. For instance, I made a giant Mallard version of Dexter for my younger

brother's 12th birthday. What can I say? Boys will be boys and he totally killed this thing. I don't have a savory photo of it's remains but needless to say, on of his eyes was missing, his wing and tail feather torn off, and he looked more like a pancake.

Moral of the story?

Use all crochet if the person you're making this for is small and rowdy. 😂

Right now Dexter serves as the studio guardian, protecting the inventory from dangers unknown.

Sometimes you need a really good shawl to sport on Easter. The weather is nice but cool breezes are still present. The Fishnet Shawl is perfect for these conditions by design! I usually make my own with Red Heart Super Saver but Lion Brand Ferris Wheel has become a new favorite of mine. Why these two?

Despite the holey pattern, these yarns help retain some warmth! I've used LB's Vanna's Glamour for this project at an event and where it makes for a lovely statement piece, you will get cold in the A/C.

The Fishnet Shawl is pretty versatile as a pattern as it can be sported at formal and casual events! You can check out the pattern or purchase a ready made one from my shop!

I hope that I gave you some fun last minute ideas today and as an added bit of inspo, I'm giving everyone 15% off all crochet patterns through March 28th using code: EASTER21 at checkout.

Happy Making!

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