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A Post-Semester Peek Into My Studio

I do live in the Midwest and so I'll let that suffice as justification of the literal tornado that happened in my craft room. 😅😤

I don't really know why but today I felt inspired to show off the chaos that's going on in my favorite part of the house. I'm usually pretty organized and neat in my daily living so this isn't the norm here.

I didn't quite want to post this on IG as you can imagine.

I think that as content creators, it's important to be candid and open with our communities. Don't get me wrong, this is going to get cleaned up by Wednesday (when my semester ends) but I think it's fun to see some of the chaos that happens behind the scenes of Insta-perfect imagery. It's real, it tells you about the creator and allows for laughs.

All too often, I think that those aspiring to be content creators are intimidated by the illusion of perfection. They think that they have to have certain pristine conditions in order to put themselves out there. I'm here to say that there is a balance for all that. My craftroom/studio are not uncommon. I have yarn scraps everywhere, my labels magically end up everywhere except the trash bin and good God, I need to fire the wardrobe assistant (myself). I could say the same for my art studio (corner) which is admittedly better off than my crochet space.

After 16 weeks of toiling though, I can't really be mad at this though. This is part of the fun of winter hiatus for me. Sifting through project boxes, sweeping, folding, taking new pictures... its all part of the process. I always say "A sketchbook is a messbook." This applies to fibers as well. I've been enjoying all the making I've done over the last 4 months and now that I've completed a big chunk of the projects I'd planned. Now I get to look forward to the new adventures that 2021 will bring.

Be yourself, enjoy the process, and happy making!

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