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Alas, it is May🌸

Hello Crafties and much love! I hope you're all doing well!

I'm quite alright... mostly. I'm writing today to update you all on some stuff ( aren't I always?) I'm starting my hiatus early this year due to some dental issues. This all started last summer before hiatus when I had a chipped tooth. Due to the pandemic and a lack of finance/insurance, I wasn't able to see a dentist, I just toughed through it.

Well this year, another tooth decided to flair up and the nerve pain when it hits is just... grievous. This was another reason that I was so grateful to get monetized last year because I saw that I'd be able to finally get some Infiniti work done. After all, if I don't take care of myself, how can I keep creating content for my beloved community? This is another reason why I started to implement ads onto the site to sort of make up the difference here as I still have to pay for tuition and books and all that wonderful jazz this year.

I'm not entirely sure what all they'll have to do but I'm fairly certain they'll need to extract these two teeth. I've never had oral surgery so I don't know what normal down time is BUT I'll be taking off for the month of May and June to heal, get some making done, and hopefully toward the end, get some tutorials recorded.

That aside, I'm really excited Crafties! My school announced that we'll be able to return to campus at full capacity this fall. I am SO ready for it. To be mask free and on campus again...the idea is liberating. I know there's a lot of nasty debate that goes on about masking and I recognize a lot of people have gotten ill or passed in the last year from the pandemic. Not in light of that, I recognized early (April 2020) that the masks caused me to become physically ill. I discussed this in a few of my vlogs from that time but I'd basically put my foot down and decided not to go to places with mask mandates. That included my own campus as I voluntarily took on distance learning.

Now that things are opening up again, I'll be more than glad to go out and do vlog experience videos again (I miss that too). Keeping that in mind, I'll be working extra hard this summer between inventory stock up and recording tutorials. I want to get my upload schedule back to some form of normalcy even if I'm not at home 100% of the time anymore.

As always, if you want to support me and my content, just share my videos and posts on social media. I never demand purchase of my patterns or podcast content but, you are certainly welcome to do so. The grace of God and my community support has granted me the ability to go take care of my teeth ( and I am forever grateful!)

Thank you to all who continue to make these improvements possible!

There will be content going up in May on YouTube so worry not. The actual dry spell won't begin until June as per usual!

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