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Beginner KAL!

Aaaaaaand what did I tell you all last post? I’ve thought of something else to write and I promise I’m not procrastinating! In the last post, I mentioned my ongoing KAL, right now I’m working on it so I can hopefully get you guys Part 3 on August 20th! I wanted to say that going forward, I will be posting links to all of my used materials. Some of them are affiliate links, some of them are not. Affiliate links don’t affect you all in anyway, they just help me to earn a little kick back whenever you shop with a certain company. Currently I am an affiliate of Darn Good Yarn and AliExpress, I’m working on JoAnn Fabrics, but it’s been a long pending process on that one. Anyhow, both AliExpress and DGY are companies that I often shop through for my crafting materials. You’ll see in the descriptions of my KALs that a lot of my links are from AliExpress. If I were to describe them, I’d make them comparable to a Chinese Amazon. Being the thrifty crafter that I am, I can’t even tell you have many deals I have found on this site over the years! Darn Good Yarn is pretty cool too! Due to personal reasons last semester, I ended up cancelling my subscription. However, they have some amazing yarns that are made from recycled sari silks and use these for my face cowls (I’m writing a free pattern for those)! They also empower women from third world countries by providing them with employment, they support the disabled community here in the States AND their customer service is some of the absolute best. So, I do continue to support them, just not on that monthly basis.

Well there’s that bit. If you want to follow along with my beginner KAL, it’s not too late!

Here’s part 1: And part 2:

As well as the supply list:


Knitting Needles:

Knitting stitch Markers:

Locking Stitch Markers:

Tape Measure: 

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