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Book Release: Hop Into Patterning For Curious Crafties & Beginners

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

I've written a book! I've always wanted the honorable title of Author but I never dreamed I'd be writing about fiber art. I was a little nervous about this whole ordeal from the topic itself to the self-publishing. Infiniti Crafting Co and ArtsyChiitos are both funded by my broke college butt so I didn't want to bother with having external companies publishing me when I'm having a hard time trying to make it as it is.

So, I decided to use the resource I already had, my website, and put my content out there for the crafty world!

So what's it about?

Well I was thinking about how a lot of people really want to get off into crochet and/or knit patterning yet they don't know where to begin. So I wrote a brief guide that goes over learning to read patterns, protecting their intellectual property, getting started with a blog or website and other discoveries for success I've made along the way.

The debut price is set at $1.99 and it will be available exclusively on my website! Or you can get it for free by signing up for my email list on and after the release date.

When does this magnificence drop?!

June 8, 2021. So mark your calendar if you're planning on supporting your crafty girl or share this blog with someone who'd be interested. I hope this launch day is successful but most of all I hope this content will be helpful to others. 😊

I understand that some would prefer to have this content for free and as always, there will be that option via signing up for Infiniti Crafting Company's newsletter. That's right! This will be my new and permanent (til I write another book) lead magnet for my email list. It is exhausting rotating out the pattern freebies each month and because this material answers a timeless question, it should maintain interest for a while.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this short read, share it, pin it, chat about it. That's the next best way to support content creators on the internet. 💖

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