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Building Up The Website!

Good day Crafties!

Today I want to talk about some developments for Infiniti Crafting Company's website. One of my main goals after launching was to generate enough revenue to keep my website and domain going. Currently, it costs about $350 per year so, in order to help that along, I'll be implementing Google Ads on the site over hiatus. I've had the capability from the start but, I wanted to see how things worked out on their own.

As many of you may know, I began achieving monetization from YouTube (a subsidy of Google) back in November of 2020, which so far has been a great boon to my general finances as I navigate college and other business ventures. In February this year, I was able to launch my official website here and I'm elated to see how its grown since then. When I launched, I started a small experiment because I wanted to see how well the site would thrive on its own.

I'm very grateful to everyone in my community who has supported me and my endeavors thus far. It's incredibly heartening to see how many people have either been following my journey over the last several years AND how many people who have ordered my products. Right now, it's only me working on all the things going for ICC and seeing the fruits of my labor starting to pay off is super encouraging.

Now. Because this will be a new metric I'll be implementing, I appreciate all patience with functionality. As I go in to set all of this up, I'm sure there will be another learning curve that I'll encounter but it is my goal to not have my site slowed down too badly by the ads. We shall see. 😅

Also heading into summer hiatus, I don't upload to YouTube. I usually kick off hiatus at the end of the spring semester each year to give myself a mental break. This of course leads to a dip in views for that period. This year has brought a few challenges to my health also therefore, I may be taking off for two months this year to deal with some painful dental issues.

April has been my lowest month so far which was to be expected. I guess I'm officially a YouTuber now as I have experienced "the dip" 😅. I was grateful when I started getting paid in January and I'll never stop expressing that because MAN, 2020 was frustrating between the school expenses and the much needed care that just couldn't happen. I feel like my body's 'check engine' like has been blinking on and off since last summer. Since the end of January, I've been able to keep up with my supplements, afford my supplies, and start eating better. I don't think my needs/wants are all that much and it makes me feel like an adult again when I can supply them for myself. (Though we all know Jesus is supplying my needs here, lets be honest.)

I probably won't be getting paid from ads in May as I'm doing my estimates but that's okay, I've saved for what I need to do for now. I think it'll be interesting to see how Ads affect this AND where this whole monetization thing leads this time next year.

The best thing you can do, always, is to share this website and my other content. It helps others discover the goodness that is Infiniti Crafting Co. and ultimately leads to more support for the brand. So, if you can, share my patterns where you can (I've heard they're really well written), watch/share my videos on YouTube, or donate via Ko-fi or the site's donation page. There's also the Hey Craftepreneur! podcast that's floating around both here and on Ko-fi at this point.

Thank you for all the love,

Infiniti W.

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