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Channel Chats are now a Podcast

Hello Crafties and happy Tuesday!

I hope all is going well for you and your projects. Today I wanted to chine in to announce that Channel Chats will officially be categorized as a podcast starting today.

YouTube has been rolling out some new features for creators and this one feels very right for the channel. Some of you may recall that I'd run a separate podcast before that I recently sunset. I think a lot of the problem with that one was that it was on another platform apart from my YouTube community and I didn't have enough momentum at the time for it to be truly successful.

Here, I want to continue with content that my audience likes to consume and slowly evolve it to include livestreams, Q & A, and interviews. This is just another step toward taking Infiniti Crafting Co. full time and I hope you'll follow along for the ride.

There isn't currently a set time or day for the podcast, which I'll eventually establish if things go well from here.

More than anything, this is an opportunity for you to engage! I love sifting through comments and answering your most pressing questions. Going forward, I'd really like to start answering questions straight from my comment section. So feel free to drop questions on the new channel chats so I can answer them. I guess it's a way for my growing audience to become familiar with the hands they see on camera throughout the week.

I'm currently working on the next Channel Chat episode and it'd make my day to see a great turnout so, share this article and spread the word to other Crafties!

Until Next Time,

Happy Making!

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