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Christmas 2022 Crochet Design Along + Material List + Free Pattern

Good Day, Crafties!

I hope you're all doing well and had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Today, I wanted to reach out and announce that I'm going forward with the CAL/DAL idea I put out a week ago. Thanks for all the feedback via the poll!

I plan to release these design segments once a week up until Christmas. Not only is this a fun moment to unleash some of my quirky creativity but, I also wanted to do something fun for the crocheters in my community. It's been a while and in lieu of what I usually do for Christmas video content, I thought this would be more fun.

I'm currently working on editing all that wonderful footage I've been recording over the last couple of weeks and I should be able to share Part 1 of this design along by Saturday evening.

Keeping in spirit with the previous version of my Christmas sweater, I want to use some pretty basic stuff that's living in the stash. With that in mind, I give you the material list!

What I need!

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3 - White

3 - Varsity Green

3 - Red

6.00mm crochet hook

Darning needle

Stitch markers


Fray Check (optional)

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