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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Please note: I am a member of Darn Good Yarn's affiliate program. If you make a purchase through the links posted below, I may receive compensation.

Good Day Crafties!

One of my favorite fruits is in fact the watermelon. The great part? It's delicious and can be used for a plethora of summer recipes! The bad part? It's a seasonal fruit and without fail, I begin to crave it each year in February of all times. 😭

Today, I have received the ultimate solution to this seasonal conundrum! Well... okay, maybe I can't eat this but it's pretty darn cute! I got the awesome privilege of reviewing Darn Good Yarn's Watermelon Amigurumi Kit! When you get your adorable kit, it will look like this:

The carton itself is packed with:

  • knit and crochet patterns

  • red yarn

  • pink yarn

  • white yarn

  • light green yarn

  • dark green yarn

  • black yarn

  • stuffing

  • a darning needle

  • a pair of US 4 (3mm) double pointed knitting needles

  • a C/2 (3mm) crochet hook

One thing that I've always admired about DGY's pattern packages is that they always include a pattern for the knit and crochet versions of their projects. As a designer myself, I aspire to get on their level; I digress. For this review, I decided to use the crochet pattern.

The pattern itself is easy enough to follow along with. It is thorough and well written, providing lots of graphics for visual learners. The only critiques I had for the instruction was that for one, they never specified whether you were to join your rows with a slip stitch or whether to work in spiral. This may prove to be a little confusing in general.

My second observation was that the crochet pattern instructed me to cast on 6 stitches. This sent up some red flags and I had to make sure I wasn't trying to follow the knitting pattern. Typically in crochet patterns we will specifically state to chain, create a magic circle, etc. One I looked over the visual, I saw that they meant for us to create a magic ring and work into that. Terminology is so important in fiber art as to not cause confusion.

Apart from those two hiccups, the pattern is very well written. I was able to stitch up my little watermelon friend in about an hour. I could see myself doing this pattern in the future as I will stitch up an amigurumi of my own from time to time.

The retail price for this kit is $19.99. If you are a beginner crocheter looking for something new and easy to try out, this could be a good option for you as well as Darn Good Yarn's other knit/crochet kits. Or perhaps you're all pro but you love amigurumi patterns or making toys for young relatives. This is a fun and quick project that doesn't involve any small pieces so its perfect for tots and small kiddos.

If I were going out to the store and had to buy everything for this kit, I would image that I'd spend nothing less that $60 (knowing me I'd also get distracted and buy other yarn that I don't need.) There's each color of yarn, the polyfil, the hooks and needs; not to mention, have you seen the prices on pattern books lately?

Moral of the story? This is a pretty good deal! Not to mention, you'll have the physical copies of this pattern to make more in the future.

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments below and, as always, happy making!

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