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Learn the Craft

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Do you have a love or admiration for those who crochet? Or maybe you've always wanted to learn yourself , but had no one to teach you. Do you also have some free time that you just don't know how to spend?!

Before class crocheting. Feel the infinity madness!

If you answered yes to any of those...

Fear not beloved reader!

I've been hard at work lately to start producing beginner tutorials that are free to the public and easy to follow. How great is that?

Soon the company Youtube channel will be live with said content, not only that , we'll also try to get you all something new each week to learn!

Stay tuned crafties!

Update as of 10/13/2018

Infiniti Crafting's youtube channel is live!

  • New videos every Sunday

  • Open to suggestions and comments

  • Absolutely free, don't forget to subscribe!

I've been hard at work and experimenting with different lighting and camera angles to ensure you all have the best learning experiences possible! There's still a long way to go so, I look forward to growing together with all of you.

Hashtag ICC

I want to see the things you all make! If you use our tutorials or sport our gear, feel free to #ICC on your social media!

HI too will start using the company hashtag so expect to see it soon on the Gram.H

Happy crafting!

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