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Humble Beginnings

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Hi there!

I'm Infiniti, the founder and C.E.O. of Infiniti Crafting Company. I run strongly on the principle of "give and it shall be given" and since the early development stage of this business, I intended to integrate that concept in to the very foundations of the company.

Many people think this to be an odd concept for sure, but it does work! I can attest from many years of volunteering and giving, I've been blessed enough to have business opportunities and clientele added unto me.

Did you know?

There's multiple ways for you to help the business! Being a businesswoman is hard work and takes a lot of funding and a lot of what I do is funded by charitable donation.

  • Through ICC's TeeSpring Merch shop, you can help out with start up costs and eventually new features, merchandise, and products for the site. Not to mention, get cool stuff!

  • Following all of our social media! That's right, by following the linked social media around the site, you're not only able to keep up with what's in the works but, you also have personal connections that we will never have, which are valuable to promotion.

  • Everyone likes coffee! .... No? Well I sure do! By donating coffee through the Ko-fi platform, you still get to contribute to the the features, functions (and caffeine levels) of ICC but, at a much lower price.

Give and it shall be given?

Being a small business based in St. Louis, I as a native, want to continue to give back the the place I and my business call home.

With most of our merchandise in the TeeSpring shop , at least 25% of the profit we make from sales goes to a certified charity. The official ICC teeshirt's charity is that of St. Louis Area Food Banks. So not only does your great taste help us, but it also helps some of the many families in the city that are food insecure.

Some things to note

The site and campaigns have undergone numerous changes since I first started everything. There is now more than the ICC tshirt in stock, all of it is designed by me currently and you can look forward to more as time goes on! Likewise, the campaigns are now on a 3 day continuous loop.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the type of item you want (we have hoodies and stickers too!)

  2. Make your purchase. Items won't be printed until the last day though.

  3. After making your purchase, feel free to share our campaign on your social media, tag us, and use the ICC hashtag.

  4. We'd also love to see you sporting your new gear so feel free to tag those selfies!

We want to keep this campaign going on forever to support St. Louis! Thank you so much for your support, ICC wouldn't be without you.


Infiniti W.

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