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Happy August! Q &A Call, Back to School Sale, Project Updates

Hello Crafties and Happy August! There are a few things I want to get to in this post today. It's been a while since I've written up a formal blog and y'all need some updates!

First on the list, I've kicked off an ongoing Q&A for the Infiniti Crafting Co. YouTube Channel at the beginning of July. This was my way of trying to further engage my Crafty community (plus I get a kick out of being asked things lol). I got a couple of questions in and was able to answer them in Channel Chat 101! I'd love to continue this for the rest of the year and into 2023 so please feel free to send me your crafty (and other) questions on the community tab.

Secondly, it's August! And just where did this year go? School kicks off for me and a swath of other students later this month so I wanted to host a little sale. The best thing about it? Everyone can participate! If you're a crafter, you're a lifelong learner. Using the code AUGUST at check out, you can enjoy 10% off your purchase in the handmade shop. This discount applies to all the handmade items and patterns.

If you're a member of my email list, be sure to check your Inbox for a little something special. 😉


Now to the ongoing projects! You all know that I've been on a designing spree of sorts. Sometimes though, I get in over my head a little. In June, I released a spin-off pattern called the Rice Cardi.

While it is a free pattern on the blog, it's also available in shop for those who want to support the content. This project stems from the Oculus Cardigan,which I have been toiling over since May.

It's progressed a bit past where it is in the photo, currently, I'm crocheting the large, red circles for the sleeves. I've taken a few lazy days here and there to give my eyes a break from the rounds.

Though I initially slated this project for July, I know for sure this will be done by the end of August and I can't wait to release this pattern also! Now the real question is...

Should the Oculus Cardigan Pattern be an exclusive?

  • Yeah! Make it an ICC exclusive crochet pattern.

  • Nah, put it on Etsy too! 😤

Someday, I'll likely update this pattern with a video tutorial and at that point, I'll notify everyone who purchased the pattern and offer them the additional content. There's just a lot I'm trying to do right now so that particular tutorial will be put off until a later date.

I've also started a chunky knitting project for the winter season, which I talked about some in Channel Chat 101.

Earlier this year, I got the inkling to modify the crochet spike stitch for knitting. I hadn't seen it done so I just went for it and found success in it. So here we are! I'll be resuming work on the front panel once I complete the Oculus Cardigan and finalize that pattern. It's been a fun little experiment and I'll be sharing a tutorial in the coming months, likely as the pattern is closer to completion. I knitted this with Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool! You can get 15% off your order, using the link on the side of the main blog page.

As I sat down to write this, I've learned of a new development. Occasionally, I mention the existence of my merch shop. It's honestly been neglected over the years and I'd all but given up on getting it off the ground. Today, I logged in to my Spring account and found that now, YouTube creators with 1,000 subscribers can now integrate a merch shelf on their channels.

This is great news! Before heading off into my hiatus in June, I mentioned doing a revamp of the merch shop and relaunching it after I hit 10k. I've no idea what new designs will be coming to the shop right now so, I'm thinking that I'll still hold on to that action for now but it's really great that creators no longer have to reach a 10,000 threshold in order to get visibility.

Alrighty, I think that's about the end of my update here, Crafties!

Until Next Time,

Happy Making!

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