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Happy Independence Day!

Hey everyone, happy 4th to all my American Crafties!

Kick back and celebrate our general sense of freedom on this day 243 years ago!

As you may well know I am an African American and many of my friends only celebrate Juneteenth and not the 4th. I do no over look the importance of Juneteenth, nor do I replace the 4th of July with it.

It's good and fine to be proud of your heritage!

I think we must also recognize July 4th because where would we be today if America had not seized their freedom?

I am grateful

for how history has lead us to so many blessings in this free nation where we reside.

Is life perfect? No. Do we still suffer some inequality? Yes. Are we the only ones? Not in the slightest.

All in all, I like to take this day to reflect on the many fortunes and luxuries we are afforded as American citizens and the historical importance of this day.

I hope you all celebrate safely and have lots of fun!

Happy Making!

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