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🧶Happy National Crochet Month!

A.k.a Happy March, Crafties!

For the first time in my blogging history, I've managed to remember this event 🤣. It's a little crazy, right? We crochet everyday. Every month is a national crochet holiday in my eyes. But here we are!

Here's the time of year where us crochet guys and girlies THRIVE. If you're new here, my name is Infiniti and I've been teaching people on the internet how to crochet and knit for 7 years. I first learned when I was 15 and I've been at it ever since. It's a great hobby/skill to have because you can do so many neat things with it.

It's also reaaaally relaxing and can help you unwind after a long day. If you want to learn new stitches and boost your know-how, I post tutorials 2-3 times a week on the Infiniti Crafting Co. YouTube Channel.

If you want to ✨learn✨ how to crochet from me in a first person set up that's interactive and immersive, I offer a class that will walk you through everything you need to know to get you

started. It includes downloadables, quizlets, and a fillable certificate of completion at the end!

I offer both left and right handed classes so there's nothing stopping you from picking up this new craft today. For this month, when you use the code NCM24, you'll get $15 off the class fee, making it only $20 to join.

Participants are loving it and so I implore you to take this journey with me!

Either way, I hope your Crochet month is PHENOMENAL. Show me what you're working on below or via email!

Happy Making! 💖

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